I am using Maxis Broadband 8GB data plan, and i am very enjoy use the broadband data with  Maxis MiFi Modem to (wifi)connect to my tablet- Nexus 7 for social networking, surfing, uploads and downloads and watch YouTube.

But some time, you may face some network connection speed issues on your Maxis MiFi Modem. What i mean here is your Maxis MiFi Modem signal will drop from 3G to 2G. Sure, signal 2G connection speed is much more slower than signal 3G connection. So what is the cause? Your Tablet problem or the Maxis MiFi Modem problem?

3G Signal 2G Signal

If you also have face this kind of problem, then you may call to the Maxis Broadband services centre (1800822000) or refer to the method as below to enable your connection change back to signal 3G connection.

Step 1: Connect Maxis MiFi Modem to your laptop or computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Open any internet browser. Example, i open Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

Step 3: The Maxis broadband pages will prompt out when you have open the internet browser. you will found that the site is http://ufi.home/login.asp


Step 4: login too the Maxis broadband pages, the password is admin.

Step 5: Go to the settings pages, then Wi-Fi Settings and Basic

Step 6: Change the frequency from Auto to any channel, example: 2412MHz (Channel 1).


Step 7: Click Apply Button.

Step 8: Unplug your Maxis MiFi Modem. Now open your tablets wifi and connect to the Maxis MiFi Modem.

Step 9: Your Maxis MiFi Modem Wifi signal will change from 2G to 3G.


  • Castiel

    i connected the USB cable but i can’t connect to the braodband page,it said server not found.i have tried multiple times restarting both modem and laptop already.zzz

    • artstyle

      try at your browser