As i have mentioned before, rooting or install custom firmware into Android phones has the risk to cause your phones brick as unable boot into Android OS . Your rooted phones may stuck on the Samsung logo icon display, softbrick mode or power reset mode. If your phone unable boot into the Android OS and only loop display on the Samsung logo icon on the screen, then you can Google search to get several solution to solve it. But how about Galaxy S3 stuck on the power reset mode? So far, as i know there still not have any solution or details discussion about this issues “Galaxy S3 power reset mode ” on forum or blog. So here, let us to discuss about this issues.

Galaxy S3 Power Reset Mode

Before start discussion, below is the video clip show my Galaxy S3 GTi9300 unable boot into Android OS and only will loop boot into the power reset mode:

Power Reset Mode mean that your galaxy s3 unable to boot into the Android OS as only will boot and stuck on ” Power Reset Mode ” display. If your phones face this kind of issues, then mean that your S3 hardware PCB has been broken. You need take your S3 to the Samsung Mobile service centre for the service technician to change the S3 PCB. The new PCB price is RM600 and you can claim the new PCB for free if your phone warranty still valid.

Change new PCB mean that all your data that stored on the S3 will be loss. So here, I found that the method how to enable your Galaxy S3 to boot into Android OS. Generally, you need to Hardware Reset or Power Reset your Galaxy S3 by follow the tutorial as below:

Step 1:  Unplug Galaxy s3 battery to PowerOff your Galaxy s3.

Step 2: Plug in the battery into your Galaxy S3.

Step 3: Press the power button, and remove the battery and plug-in again the battery into Galaxy S3.

Step 4: Repeat the step 3 again and again until your Galaxy s3 boot into the Hardware Reset Mode. Then wait for few second and your Galaxy s3 will automatically boot into the Android OS.

Step 5: Now your phone is boot into Android OS and you can found that the power button CANT be function. Now you can backup all your data to your to your PC , change the phone setting or unroot the phones.

To turn off your Galaxy S3, then you need to manually remove the battery form your Galaxy S3. If you want to boot into the Android OS again, then you need to follow the step 1 until step 5 again.