Samsung Galaxy s2 is the first Samsung Android smartphones was integrate with Micro USB OTG festures. Now, Samsung Galaxy S3, galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2  Micro also support  USB OTG. USB OTG or On-The-Go  enable the Android smart phones act as host  to connect with low voltage devices such Blutooth mouse,flash drive, Play Station game Pad and more. To connect to  these devices with your Samsung Android Phones, then you need USB OTG cable. You can get the  Samsung USB OTG cable price for only RM80 or other brand USB OTG cable for only RM10. I have purchase and used the USB OTG cable since i get my first Android phones – Samsung Galaxy Note. Here, i will share with you on how and why you need the USB OTG for Galaxy Note 2.

To connect the devices such as Blutooth mouse,flash drive or others to Galaxy Note 2:

 1. Connect USB OTG cable  to Galaxy Note 2.

2. Galaxy Note 2 will automatically detect the USB OTG cable. So you no need install any external driver.

3.  Galaxy Note 2 status bar will display ” USB Connector Connect” when you plug in the USB OTG cable Galaxy Note 2.  If Galaxy Note 2 not detect the USB OTG cable, mostly the cable is malfunction.

4. Now, you can connect  the devices such as Blutooth mouse,flash drive or others to Galaxy Note 2.  The staus Bar also will display the devices which you have connected to the Galaxy Note 2. For example,  Galaxy Note 2 will display ” Mouse Connected ” on the notification bar.

The Galaxy Note 2  work  smart with Bluetooh Mouse. The mouse pointer will automatically display on the screen when i connect Bluetooh Mouse to Galaxy Note 2. So, i can use mouse to navigate, scroll down,up,  open and close application. For example, in the internet broswer, i can scroll up and down the page by scroll the mouse rolling button, Back to pages by press the mouse  right button and  exits to the home screen by hold press the mouse rolling button.

To connect USB flash drive to galaxy Note 2, you can also direct connect flash drive to the USB OTG cable. Galaxy Note 2 will automatically detect the flash drive and the notification bar also will display the message ” USB mass storage connected”. You can tranfer to or from for  all file between the Galaxy Note  and USB flash drive. For example, if i want to tranfer some photo from the flash drive to my Galaxy Note 2. Then go to Galaxy Note 2 “My files” folder >All files USBDrive A to select the file which i want to tranfer to my Galaxy Note 2. For your info Samsung galaxy Note 2 USB OTG only support USB flash drive and cant support external hard disk.