Nowadays, there have lot of  method that can be use to root Android devices. Rooted Android phones allow users to access the phone internal system data, install (Rooted) application, overclock and more.  Sure, rooting Android phones has the risk that can brick your phones and also void the phones warranty. So, before start root your Android phones, I think you need to:

1) Get the reason why you need root your phones and completely understand the risk of rooting Android Devices.

2) Google search which root method  is more suitable that can be use to root your phones. You must make sure that the root tool is support your phone model and firmware.

Here i found that one of  new and  useful root application that can be use to root lot of Android devices. This application was develop by , and can free to download from here.  According to the developer, this root and unroot application is support lot of the Android devices from Samsung , LG, Sony, Huawei, Asus  and more. Besides this, this root tool- Framaroot provide you with easiest solution with one click root or unroot your devices. You just simple download the Framaroot  apk and  install on your devices and then chose which task you need to perform. For example, here is how i try to root my Galaxy S3 via Framaroot ,

1. Go to setting to enable Galaxy S3 to install unknown sources.

2. Download Framaroot  apk and  install on Galaxy S3.

3. Open the Framaroot  application.

4. To root your Galaxy S3 , you need choose “Install Super Su”. In other hand, choose unroot, if you want to unroot your devices.

5. Now you need to refer to the source page here to choose which exploit selection – Sam, Frodo or Aragon can be use to root or unroot your devices.

6. For example, to root my Galaxy S3 i choose SAM exploit.

That all!.

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    hi, how can i unroot? I used framaroot and installed superuser. Seems that if I unroot, I cannot delete superuser app afterwards. I need my phone to seem like nothing was ever done to it :D thank you